This is a little maze generator and grid-based dungeon crawler experiment. It grew largely out of an interest in experimenting with ways to render the 3D view for these sorts of dungeon crawlers; it turned out that perspective transforms in CSS worked well enough so that's what you're seeing here.

You can navigate using the W, Q, and E keys -- W to move forward, Q and E to turn left and right.

You can reload to get a new dungeon to explore. The dungeons are generated with either Prim's algorithm or a recursive backtracking algorithm (picked at random), then some subset of dead ends are converted to loops (exactly how many dead ends are converted is also random).

The source code for this is available too, over on GitHub:

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSpinfoam Games
Tags3D, Dungeon Crawler, Exploration, First-Person, Retro


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this is really really cool!

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Nice, truly original dungeon. That said, CSS can go real 3D with the 3D transformations, so much that some engines use it as fall-back, case no support for webGl, but admitted, the code is ugly as hell, but when it's generated, who cares.


Wow, all 2D and CSS? You could have fooled me.