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Random tables for dungeon names and settings!

Inside this book you'll find a baker's dozen of tables to help you create fun and interesting dungeon names and settings.

Combined these tables can generate thousands of different dungeon names.

There are also tables to help you decide on how your dungeon is constructed, what sort of things are currently inhabiting it, and what sort of loot might be laying around for adventurers to die trying to find.

There's even a special features table that adds a little something extra to a dungeon ... like periodic flooding, moon doors, or illusory creatures.

Random Tables in this Book:

  • 6 dungeon name styles
  • 40 types of dungeon buildings
  • 100 dungeon adjectives
  • 100 names of people who might be responsible for your dungeon existing
  • 20 unsettling titles for those people
  • 20 adjectives related to people
  • 20 grim or adventurous occupations
  • 20 nouns
  • 20 construction materials
  • 10 construction styles
  • 10 categories of dungeon inhabitants
  • 10 styles of loot and treasure
  • 20 special features


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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