A project for the 2021 7 day rogue-like challenge.

Scription is a rogue-like that focuses largely on determining the meaning of a procedurally generated set of glyphs. At the moment, your only obstacle is the environment you are wandering through -- heat and cold can eventually cause your death. Some more survival mechanics are likely to find their way into the game over time, as well as some combat.

The current version is quite small and short, but you can explore and interact with things, and you should be able to successfully complete an adventure with a bit of good luck.

I quite like some aspects of this project, and the idea of trying to translate the glyphs still seems interesting to me, but overall I'm not sure it wound up being much fun. I do think that some of what I built for 7DRL will wind up being a jumping-off point for another project or two though!


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I finished the game, its nice! I got thrown off the right path mid game due to a bug - if you walk on a place that you have revealed the glyph and then go to another place adjacent with revealed glyph it will still show the glyph from previous place.

Another thing is that I had incomplete information, I am not sure if this was intended or not. Even thou I had revealed all the glyphs on the map, one out of four of main objective was missing, now I did not SEARCH all the statues, so maybe that's how you find it, but I searched half of the statues and found nothing. However it still was enough for me to piece together how to win.

Also it took too long to finish the game, I feel like anyone with less patience would have given up. Overall nice idea thou.

I'm a bit stuck on this, but really enjoying it so far. I'm not sure the stats and climate simulation/etc are really pulling their weight in a rogue-y sense, without more significant or active threats to your health to drive interaction; it's too hard to get stuck in a place where you can't just walk someplace safe to rest. It also feels a bit grindy backtracking repeatedly to collect that last bit of info because you keep rolling badly on whatever check is being performed for the meditation.

All that said, the highly abstract presentation makes for a weirdly compelling little procgen puzzle game, regardless-- I spent about two or three hours just trying to decipher glyphs and puzzle it out, and it's still open in another tab. I'll be coming back later to puzzle some more. And if you do carry this forward to a full game, I'd quite like to see the results.

I didn’t complete the game, but those mysterious glyphs are immediately intriguing and make me want to discover what they mean. Would love to see more on that theme.