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Freepath is a non-violent first person exploration and platforming game.

It is currently in the prototype phase.

This early prototype is available for free so that folks can give it a try, enjoy it (hopefully), and provide feedback on what they would like to see as the game evolves.

Since this is still a very early version, the gameplay is still very simple and the world is very small. Please expect minutes of play time, rather than hours, at this point.

If you try Freepath and have any feedback, I'd be very happy to hear it. Feel free to leave comments here or via twitter @SpinfoamGames.

(Also please note that links to the EULA and credits for the game are available from the "More info" section, in case you'd like to review them.)

How to Play

Use the mouse to turn and look, and the WASD keys to move.

Use the spacebar to jump.

Left click to interact with the small green switches.

Escape will pause the game and bring up a menu, from which you can quit back to the title screen.

You are able to kick off walls, swim, scramble up ledges, and bounce off some objects in mid-air. Experiment to find ways to use and combine these different types of movement to reach various areas of the map.

There are 20 small statues scattered throughout each level in the prototype -- they are represented by the small diamonds along the top of the screen. While there isn't any notion of "winning" or "completing" the game at this point, you can try to find and collect all the statues.

The timer displayed in the game does not affect gameplay in any way, but is there in case you want to challenge yourself to collect all of the items more quickly.


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Freepath Prototype 3 (Win64) 119 MB
Version prototype-3b

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