WordSalad v1.2.0

Are you ready to venture into the crawling nest of Uccirana the Oozing Sage and retrieve their fabled prized possession:

A sloth doll with a diamond inlay.
It has a faint odor of cooked blood.
If exposed to moonlight a ghostly figure appears for an instant and if dropped it emits a shrill scream.

If you said "No, but I am definitely ready to make the people playing my campaign do that!" then this update to WordSalad is for you!

This version adds both random dungeon name generation and magical objects.

A few more examples of completely reasonable items and locations:

  • A maple cane engraved with circular shapes and angular lines capped with a brilliant jasper; the cane is wrapped with fine bronze chains.
    When a note of the correct pitch is whistled the jasper shines a pink light.
  • The azure halls of Mzartaer the Mad Armorsmith
  • A magpie doll with a bronze inlay.
    It smells of the sea. When spoken to it oozes blood and if next to a wild beast it hums softly.
  • Olaldont the White's silver undercity
  • A turquoise colored octahedron with a crystal inlay.
    It is searing to the touch. When polished it whispers strange words about a wizard and if near a spider it causes everyone nearby to sneeze in unison.

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