WordSalad v1.5.0

Some more silly content for WordSalad!

This version adds a number of new animal names to any generator that includes them, as well as a bunch of obnoxious corporate jargon to the code name generator.

There are also three new generators:

  • Magic potions! These even have suggested effects, which may or may not be appropriate for your table top campaign!
  • Tavern names!
  • Work-out products! A nostalgic trip back to the body-shaming infomercials of the 90s!

Here's a bunch of samples from all the different generators included in WordSalad (just over a dozen now):

A western about a seasoned wizard afraid of their god while harboring deep concerns about past
Operation Delicate Next Generation Hedgehog
Project Brass Flounder Blockchain
The olivine citadel of Rmiros the Drunken Weaponsmith
The hateful barrow of Nhaza the sage
Class D rapid recharge multilithium terminator
Caution: performs spooky action at a distance
Notice: for best results affix googly eyes after installation
Notice: may impact mass-energy tensor
Class C calibrated vanadium syringe
Note: do not use for emotional support
Note: potentially sentient
A goblet made of glass with a bronze inlay.
It emits an odor of dust and burning meat.
When left in the sun small runes appear across its surface and if held up to one's head it complains of being thirsty.
A stick of bamboo wood embossed with ancient lettering, wave patterns and circular shapes.
When a command word is spoken it glows with a bright silver light.
Silverfish Voyage Conglomerated
Primary industry: luxury transportation
Tax avoidance strategy: aggregated blackmail data-gathering
Competition management approach: market manipulation
A juicy terrine of rancid gelatin filled with guavas, tamarinds and kumquats served on a watery chutney
A platter of pan-fried boysenberries, boiled leeks, baked grapes and raw carrots with a bold and complex glaze
Leverage the incubator to polarize the proton demultiplexor
Close the muon correlator
An older (~48 years) female human with jade eyes.
They are quite fond of coconuts and squash, but do not care for grapes, sliced mutton and carrots.
They are frightened by ketchup.
They feel very satisfied with their life and have a moralistic demeanor.
A gourd filled with a thin violet paste.
When uncorked it smells of salt water.
When rubbed on it allows one to speak with fish.
The gourd holds enough for 2 uses.
A flask filled with a slimy violet tincture.
When uncorked it reeks of fruit.
When drunk it transforms the user into a ferret.
The flask holds enough for 2 uses.
The thriftiest cider taproom
The intoxicated gremlin
Pair of gnolls lodge
Belly squeezer: 6DoF edition
Delts stacker 2k20-next
Quads concentrator: assault edition

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