WordSalad v1.7.0

A small update to WordSalad that adds video game name generation!

The generated names come in two flavors of sorts; some of them are fairly reasonable amalgamations of video game sounding words, while others are built with phrases that are intentional parodies of video game titles.

A few samples:

Poorly Illuminated Fearful Alliance
Ancient War in Glory Land
Super Errand Simulator
War for the Circle
Fall of the Vengeful Prince
Super Palace Simulator
Surreal Time Button
Penultimate Nautical Lemonade
Empire: the Wargame
Blades of the Abyssal Paragon

Some other news:

WordSalad has a Tumblr now so if you want to get a random selection of random ideas on a regular basis you can follow it here: https://spinfoam-wordsalad.tumblr.com/

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