WordSalad v1.4.0

A medium sized update to WordSalad today, with a couple of completely new types of generators and updates to a few existing ones!

I think the most exciting update is the Mega-corporations generator, which can help you populate your dystopian futures with companies like this one:

Nonaligned Bi-irrigation Dynamics League
Primary industries: dehydrated water and filtered water
Tax avoidance strategy: cyclic charitable donations methodology
Competition management approach: entrapment

Or maybe:

7 Bronze Bobcats Leisure
Primary industry: consumer goods and services
Tax avoidance strategy: refund/incentive/credit leverage program
Competition management approach: covert targeted violence

You can also generate sci-fi commodities that you can either combine with company descriptions or just use on their own. Make sure to read the warnings though, like the ones on this valuable sealant:

Miniturized self-sealing electron sealant
Note: reacts poorly with DNA-based organisms
Caution: explosive
Note: do not eat

And there are also a handful of smaller changes:

  • Terrines have been added to the menu item generator
  • Added more general animal meat / chunks / organs to food generators
  • More than doubled the number of "instruments" for technobabble 
  • New basic structures for technobabble generation
  • Lots of internal work leading towards more complex generators

Hopefully the next update will include a fantasy town generator with all sorts of neat little details. A lot of the ground work for that generate has been laid, but it's a complicated one and wasn't quite ready for this release.

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