WordSalad is now WordChanter!

Same weird tool, slightly different weird name.

WordChanter is a tool (or a toy, depending on how productive you are on the day you use it, I guess) for generating random content of various sorts.

At the moment it has 17 different generators ranging from random project code names to silly magical items to technobabble phrases.

Need a few menu items for a (probably medium-low quality) fantasy tavern? You can get those here.

Names for space marines? Sure thing.

(OK, strictly speaking they are almost certainly not all marines ... but "assorted space military personnel" doesn't have the same mystique.)

Dystopian mega-corporations, complete with details of how they avoid paying their taxes? Of course.

If you need a little inspiration for a table-top campaign or a story you've been writing or something along those lines, WordChanter might be able to give you something fun to start with.

If there is something you wish it could generate for you that's missing, feel free to leave a comment below suggesting a new generator.

The tool is completely free and you can use whatever you generate with it however you like (commercially or otherwise), though I don't promise that anything it generates is fit for any purpose what-so-ever.

If you find yourself using it a lot (or if you just think it is particularly nifty) and you'd like to help support it's development please consider leaving a tip here or checking out my Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/spinfoamgames.

Now go have fun writing that ... "hyper-realistic mystery about a seasoned space marine avoiding responsibility for their missed opportunities while wondering about the hierarchy of the gods" that you never realized you wanted to!

By the way, the icon in the background of the WordChanter logo is from game-icons.net: https://game-icons.net/1x1/lorc/cowled.html

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