WordSalad v1.6.0

WordSalad has been updated with two new generator types: deities and rumors!

The deity generator creates gods and demigods of all sorts including some details about what they expect from their followers and what powers they might grant in return. The reasonableness of these expectations and usefulness of the boons granted varies pretty widely:

Bisk the owlkin deity of hunting, the seasons and farming. They are associated with moonstones. Followers of Bisk are granted the ability to paint magnificent landscapes.
Thalsera the draconic demigod of pottery, autumn and sunrises. They are associated with harvester ants. They require that followers are goldsmithes or metalsmithes. Followers of Thalsera are burdened by the ability to summon giant cockroaches.
Zax the construct goddess of summer, theives, blacksmiths and water. They are associated with finches; the color burgundy; and lapis lazulis and malachites. They demand yearly worship and expect to receive prayers several times throughout the day. Followers of Zax are granted the ability to cook any food perfectly.

The new rumor generator is also all over the map -- offering up information that runs the gamut from the locations of ancient, powerful items to petty squabbles and gossip about the local townfolk.

Noctiv's tannery conceals a secret crawlspace that leads to the warren of Monarume
Nolana the tax collector worships a dark god
Shagrenb the blacksmith has fallen in love with Libelath the herald, but Libelath is not interested
The detestable flail of Syragna is kept in a nearby monastery
There are hidden dungeons beneath Bozzink's shop

I've done quite a bit of work on the structure of the code for WordSalad too, which has let me build a new bot that runs over on Tumblr. There's nothing too fancy about how the bot works -- it just generates a handful of items from WordSalad and posts them a few times a day. It is a fun way to get some random inspiration though.

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